Benefits of a
Hearing Loop

A hearing loop uses simple, proven, stable technology to enable an organization to raise its level of engagement with senior adults and others who use hearing aids. When users of hearing aids discover a place where – without any special equipment – they can hear clearly and comfortably, it naturally becomes a favorite place to visit. A hearing loop system transforms a venue into a place where hearing aid users want to be. For a house of worship, theater, classroom, bank, or pharmacy, a hearing loop system will generate increased engagement with seniors and others who use hearing aids.

Where are Hearing
Loops Used?

For decades, hearing loops have been widely used in Great Britain and Europe, and, in the last dozen years, use of the technology has been growing rapidly in the United States.
Hearing loops are used in many locations including:
• Houses of worship
• Performance halls
• College and school auditoriums, lecture halls, and classrooms
• Airports and transit stations
• Senior centers
• Pharmacies
• Ticket booths
• Home TV and entertainment rooms

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