Connecting with senior adults

Hearing loops enable organizations to raise their level of engagement with senior adults and others who use hearing aids.

When users of hearing aids discover a place where -- without any special equipment -- they can hear clearly and comfortably, it naturally becomes a favorite place to visit.  A hearing loop system transforms a venue into a place where hearing aid wearers want to be.  For a house of worship, theater, library, bank, or pharmacy, a hearing loop system can help foster increased engagement with seniors and others who use hearing aids.

Clear, comfortable sound

Hearing loops are important because they enable the growing share of our population that struggles with hearing loss to hear clearly and comfortably without hearing background noise.  In a venue where a hearing loop is installed, a hearing instrument (cochlear implant or hearing aid) receives an electronic signal directly from the loop and converts that signal to clear sound for the hearing instrument user.

Like having a private wi-fi system

Nearly half of the growing demographic of adults over 60 are hearing-challenged.  To better serve these and others who struggle with hearing loss, managers of venues now have a simple, no-maintenance, proven solution for providing clear, enjoyable communications.  Venue managers can eliminate the expense and liability of owning, maintaining, checking-out and checking-in special hearing equipment to individuals for specific events, and they can avoid the need to shout politely simply to be heard.

For the hearing instrument user, attending an event in a looped venue -- without any special equipment -- is similar to having a private wi-fi system providing clear, comfortable sound.

Helen Keller's insight

Helen Keller often was asked which sense, if given a choice between vision and hearing, she would prefer.  Hearing was her answer because, she wrote, "Loss of vision separates us from things.  Loss of hearing separates us from people."  As baby boomers become seniors, a rapidly growing portion of our population will need assistance with hearing.  "Looped" venues in which we can hear clearly and comfortably will become some of our favorite places to spend time.



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